Need a new Current Account?

Switching is easy with a Current Account from Claddagh Credit Union.


Step 1: Open Your Current account

Find out how to here 

Step 2: Switch Your Current Account to Claddagh Credit Union

Once you’ve opened your current account, we will organise the switch for you:

  • We will set up all your active standing orders on your new account.
  • We will arrange with your ‘old bank’ to contact your Direct Debit originators to advise them of your new Current Account details.
  • You simply complete the Switcher Forms and we will look after everything after that.
  • We have dedicated Switching Officers and any member of staff will be able to guide you through the process.
  • Our Switcher Pack has all the information you will need. Make sure to pick up a Switcher Pack in branch when you are opening your new Current Account or download it here:


If you would like more information please contact Claddagh Credit Union today.

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